Kronos is the latest, and last, rank being released to the server. The rank benefits from all of Zeus' perks, alongside the following additions... Do note, some Zeus-specific items do not carry (e.g. you don't get the Zeus tag).  

» 125% Permanent OxyDealer Booster

» Access to the Kronos tag

» Access to the Kronos kit

» Purple Kronos forum banner

» Kronos TeamSpeak rank (/link ingame)

» Convert spawners into Iron Golems (50,400 EXP)

» One time $30,000,000 bonus added to your ingame bank account

» Access to 15 PlayerVaults

» Access to Factions, without the Heisenberg requirement

» Faction power boost of +5

» 20% discount on EXP usage when changing spawners

» Bi-Weekly Mystical kit, providing five Mystical keys and two Tier 2 keys. (/kit Mystical)

» Choose to hide/show your drug rank! /drugrank (accessible from 24th April 2017 @ 3pm BST)

» Modify your fly speed with /flyspeed <speed> (1-3) 

» Bottle your EXP; corner the market. /xpbottle <exp>

» Access to the /me command

» Change your chat colour! No more fiddling with colour codes /chatcolor <colourcode> (Formatting, white and black are blocked) - e.g. /chatcolor &a

» Bind commands to items, allowing for swift command execution, through /powertool <command>  (abuse will lead to loss of access) 

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