Premium is a monthly recurring payment; you will be charged $6.50 (or whichever amount it costs at the time) every month until you cancel the subscription. Perks gained will only be granted for as long as your subscription to this service. 


» Get $250,000 added to your ingame bank account every month

» Access to the premium tag

» Vibrant aqua TAB name

» Get an aqua nickname

» Access to the Premium Drop Party which is held on the last Saturday of every month. Rewards and drops will be proportionate to the number of subscribers.

» Bi-weekly premium kit (2x Tier 1 Keys, 2x Tier 2 Keys, 2x Tier 3 Keys. 3x Mystical Keys)

» Higher achieveable levels, with jobs. 

» Be a part of 4 jobs, instead of just 2.

» Double money return on Villager Fights, in OxyGames


 NB: "Bi-Weekly" is exemplified by the kit being usable once every two weeks. 

6.50 USD Subscribe